I review literature in translation in addition to my work as a translator. You can view my publications via the links below.


Friction and the aesthetics of the smooth by Miriam Rasch, Eurozine, May 2020

From ‘expropriate Springer’ to #deletefacebook? by Claus Leggewie, Eurozine, October 2018


Two Radical Texts from Wilhelmine Germany, Music & Literature, February 2018

Guðbergur Bergsson’s Tómas JónssonBestseller, Music & Literature, September 2017

Szilárd Borbély‘s The Dispossessed & Berlin-Hamlet, Music & Literature, January 2017

Emili Teixidor‘s Black Bread, Music & Literature, September 2016

Lojze Kovačič‘s Newcomers, The Quarterly Conversation, Summer 2016