I review literature in translation in addition to my work as a translator. You can view my publications via the links below.


Torches by Manja Präkels, No Man’s Land, January 2021

Friction and the aesthetics of the smooth by Miriam Rasch, Eurozine, May 2020

From ‘expropriate Springer’ to #deletefacebook? by Claus Leggewie, Eurozine, October 2018


Two Radical Texts from Wilhelmine Germany, Music & Literature, February 2018

Guðbergur Bergsson’s Tómas JónssonBestseller, Music & Literature, September 2017

Szilárd Borbély‘s The Dispossessed & Berlin-Hamlet, Music & Literature, January 2017

Emili Teixidor‘s Black Bread, Music & Literature, September 2016

Lojze Kovačič‘s Newcomers, The Quarterly Conversation, Summer 2016