MJB 6253
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I acquired my passion for languages during an exchange semester abroad at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. My first time living in a diverse, international city, I began to understand the wealth of experiences that the world’s cultures have to offer, and that language acquisition was the best means of exploring their fascinating intricacies.

With this discovery in mind upon my return to the US, I devoted myself to the study of foreign languages with an enthusiasm that has only increased over time. I added a major in Spanish, which included an academic year at the University of Barcelona. Then, I learned French and German outside my work in the legal and nonprofit sectors.

Parallel to my linguistic pursuits, I developed a strong interest in the artistic achievements of the world’s cultures, a constant desire to immerse myself in their respective works of literature, film, music, and painting. This motivated me to travel widely, several times to Germany, and to other destinations now among my favorites: Istanbul, Copenhagen, Krak√≥w, and Budapest.

I began to view translation as the best means to integrate these interests as a graduate student in London, where I joined an extensive network of literary translators. Although I greatly enjoyed my master of arts program in arts administration, I realized that the translation profession offered a wider array of opportunities in connection with both languages and the artistic experience.

In 2017 I established Aegis Translations with the aim of helping English-speaking audiences appreciate global culture and the ideas that shape it. Whether it is a literary work, travel guide, or cultural policy text, the challenge of seeking the right word or phrase for my translations is an endless source of enjoyment.

Qualifications and Accomplishments

  • Degrees in Spanish, Arts Administration, and English Literature
  • Broad range of interests and subject knowledge within specialty fields
  • Prior work experience with prominent literary nonprofits
  • 2016 Children’s Books on Tour NYC Translation Competition: Top Five Translators


Professional Development

  • 2017-2018 American Translators Association Mentoring Program
  • 2016 International Literary Translation & Creative Writing Summer School, British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia